Case Studies

Case Study 1

New energy efficient LED lighting in this office building creates a vibrant work environment. The bright white 3500K architectural luminaires feature curving and delineated details with the express purpose of creating added visual interest. The office spaces feature volumetric 2x2 recessed lighting, while the conference rooms feature 4” linear recessed fixtures that are seamlessly integrated within the ceiling for a clean, contemporary look. All fixtures are integrated with GE reveal® TriGain™ LED technology which yields unmatchable color rendering without sacrificing energy efficiency.

This manufacturing facility reduced its energy usage by 68% converting high pressure sodium highbay fixtures to 5000K LED. The better color rendering of white light increases worker safety and productivity. This product is rated for the harsh conditions of an un–conditioned warehouse in Arizona. This rugged build, paired with a projected L70 life greater than 100,000 hours, will reliably light the facility for many years to come.

Case Study 2

Case Study 3

Discerning car buyers appreciate the crisp uniform lighting from the modern edge lit blade and the circular pendant. The circular pendant translucent fixture design incorporates direct and indirect light sources producing visually appealing light with minimal glare.

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